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Its company name: 'Cosworth', was derived as a portmanteau of the surnames of its two founders (COStin and duck WORTH). XIV) were sold to Lotus exclusively, and many of the other racing engines up to Mk. XIII, a pure racing engine based on Lotus Twin Cam, through its domination of the class.

The intake ports and the oil scavenge pickup for dry sump lubrication were canted 25 degrees, so they faced straight up and down, respectively, when the engine is mounted 25 degrees from vertical to the right for a lower center of gravity.

The SCA initially had two 40DCM2 Weber twin-choke downdraft sand-cast carburetors mounted on top to produce 115 hp, which was replaced by Lucas fuel injection in 1966, eventually reaching 140 hp.

The road car engine aspect of the business was split from the racing division, following the sale of the engineering division of Cosworth to Volkswagen / Audi Group in September 1998, and renamed Cosworth Technology, before being subsequently acquired by Mahle Gmb H in 2005.

Cosworth Technology was then renamed as MAHLE Powertrain on 1 July 2005.

From this time on, Cosworth was supported by Ford for many years, and many of the Cosworth designs were owned by Ford and named as Ford engines under similar contracts.

Another success by the BD series in the 1970s put Cosworth on a growing track.

Since 2006, Cosworth has diversified to provide engineering consultancy, high performance electronics, and component manufacture services outside of its classic motorsport customer base.

Current publicised projects range from an 80 cubic centimetres (4.9 cu in) diesel engine for unmanned aerial vehicles, through to an engineering partnership on one of the world's most powerful normally aspirated road car engines.

This experience led to the later FVA/DFV contract to be drawn where the responsibility of development rested with Cosworth, and the manufacturing right and responsibility rested with Ford.

There also were some specially cast iron heads with similar dimensions to these brazed heads with Titanium alloy valve spring retainers called the 'Screamer Head' for MAE in later years.

Claiming The Title, Honour, and Dignity of Baroness Nairne in The Peerage of Scotland.

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