Relationship advice dating an ex

I have pictures of trips to Europe and various other vacation places and holidays that I would not be wiling to throw away either.I think the issue here is the involvement of some of these men in her life and perhaps what they still mean.

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Relationship advice dating an ex

It could remind both of us of a past that, in my opinion should be forgotten. HE SAID: If you’re looking for a biblical stance to corroborate your feelings that your girlfriend should not retain any past friendships with ex-lovers and friends, I can’t supply you with one.

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QUESTION: Biblically speaking, is it ever ok to be friends with ex-lovers, or keep gifts, mementos, or pictures from past non-marital relationships, if you're headed toward marriage with another person?

I met and love a young lady, who has kept up a verbal relationship with her most recent boyfriend (before me) for most of our relationship.

She even stayed out till 4am once, where he was involved.

She had another friend, with whom she had been sexually active, and wanted me to allow them to remain friends too.

I just saw a picture she still keeps that her ex took of her (she says she absolutely loves it because of vanity; because of the way her hair, nails and slim figure look in the photo).

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