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Brandon, 36, was born June 21, 1981, and is an American singer and songwriter.He is best known as the lead singer, keyboardist and occasional bass guitarist of The Killers.

"But this is my dominant [right] arm, and my onstage fist-pumping is suffering," he said.

This is for the anon who wanted to know the full story of Brandon and Tana. Also if anyone knows anymore or if I accidentally said something untrue, let me know!

I’d never heard it before and she played it for me while we were driving through Vegas. [Tom Waits’ Ruby’s Arms]" After dating for a while, Tana decided to convert to Mormonism after reading the Book of Mormon.

She made Brandon’s sister promise not to tell Brandon that she was reading it.

Six months ago Flowers had shoulder surgery to correct an "impingement" on his back muscles.

He'd previously had the same operation on his left shoulder, a legacy of poor posture and excessive childhood golfing. To the Pet Shop Boy, it suggested that the Anglophile Nevadan who grew up loving The Smiths, Oasis and Tennant's band was suddenly forswearing pop music in favour of something rather more, well, beardy. And anything to continue to spread the gospel about The Killers' varied strengths.Flowers – then, as now, in awe of Tennant – decided to heed the Brit's warning. But, no, his wife, Tana, isn't bothered by this bathroom peccadillo. Much as he loves the spotlight, Brandon Flowers is far keener sharing it with his bandmates: guitarist Dave Keuning, bass player Mark Stoermer and drummer Ronnie Vannucci."I'd prefer to be talking to you about a Killers record," he says baldly.Yet at this low-key but singalong-exuberant launch gig for The Desired Effect, he's clearly in his element. And for this inveterate showman, any stage will do.Earlier that day, he had only had one niggle about the looming performance.She has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 16.6 years.

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